Salon Korunka, about us.

Salon Korunka, about us

brazilian waxing depilation with sugar paste

brazilian waxing depilation with sugar paste intimate parts

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Salon Korunka, depilation with sugar paste.
About us
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Salon Korunka, brazilian depilation with sugar paste.

Korunka beauty salon

You can test our 17 years of experience!

Korunka beauty salon takes care of you "from head to toe", both women and men. We care not only about your skin but also your whole body. We have choosen a simple strategy, we think about every customer who visits our beauty salon individually.

We do not promise any miracles for our clients, but we try to offer treatment options to look and feel perfect at the same time. Everybody is very important for us. In beauty salon Korunka we are well aware of how important it is that our clients have a pleasant and relaxing expirience.

Our wish is that when our client leaves the salon that they not only have an beautiful new look but are also mentally relaxed and rested.

The manicured look will give you confidence and can significantly help you with communication in professional and personal life.

Classic beauty salons are now common, so we have decided to bring our customers something extra.



Brazilian waxing.

Always something more.

Brazilian depilation means complete removal of hair from intimate areas, but in Europe the term Brazilian depilation also used in a way in which some hair can remain in the intimate area. The most common form is a narrow strip (landing strip) or triangle.

Do you want a heart, strip or complete removal?
You can have complete hair removal, but most women leave a triangle, strip, or sweetheart but creativity has no limits. Adventurous women can try decorating their intimate parts by vajazzling.