Salon Korunka, brazilian waxing depilation with sugar paste.

Salon Korunka

brazilian waxing depilation with sugar paste

brazilian waxing depilation with sugar paste intimate parts

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Salon Korunka, depilation with sugar paste.
Brazilian waxing depilation with sugar paste
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Salon Korunka, brazilian depilation with sugar paste.

Brazilian waxing.

What is it?

Brazilian depilation means complete removal of hair from intimate areas, but in Europe the term Brazilian depilation also used in a way in which some hair can remain in the intimate area. The most common form is a narrow strip (landing strip) or triangle.

Do you want a heart, strip or complete removal?
You can have complete hair removal, but most women leave a triangle, strip, or sweetheart but creativity has no limits. Adventurous women can try decorating their intimate parts by vajazzling.



Salon Korunka, brazilská depilace cukrovou pastou.


Vajazzling your intimate jewel.

What is it vajazzling?

Vajazzling is the process of decorating genitalia, in which following the brazilian waxing we put special glue on the skin with different glitter, crystals and other distinctive ornaments. A very popular trend is decorating with Swarovski crystals, or BodyGolding - decorating the body with 24 carat gold foil, henna. Richer customers can even have gems on their treasure.


The sugar paste.

What is the composition?

The depilatory sugar paste is prepared based on ancient recipes exclusively from natural materials, It contains no chemical elements, dye or perfume. The depilatory paste is composed of the glucose, namely monosaccharides and water. It's the same as the glucose, which your body produces.

The sugar paste contains one hundred percent natural materials: glucose (of course other than food) and water, it does not cause damage or skin allergy. The paste or gel are able to penetrate into the skin and release the hairs. The sugar paste is used at a temperature equal to the temperature of the body, so it doesn't cause congestion and no danger for varicose veins.


How does it perform?

The sugar paste is massaged into the skin against the direction of hair growth. The sugar paste is removed along the direction of the growth. It can be applied several times to the same place. Whereas the sugar paste is adhered only to the hairs becomes almost painless and we can apply it to any part of the body. In this method of hair removal, unlike traditional waxing ther is no breakage or ingrown hairs.

The sugar paste is a totally new but also very popular because it also acts as a gentle peeler on the skin. Also, this method is less painful because the hair removal in the direction of growth.


What are the benefits of brazilian waxing?


Will it be your first time? What should you know?



Salon Korunka, brazilian depilation with sugar paste.


Are you a little nervous and shy?

You should have absolutely no worries, you will be in the hands of professionals. The beauticians in our salon have a lot of experience and they have already completed hundreds of brazilan waxing procedures! Go for it!


Will it be painful?

The first Brazilian depilation can be a little uncomfortable and slightly painful. Although women admit that the result is definitely worth it! If you are sensitive you can come 20 minutes earlier and have the skin numbed. After the first Brazilian waxing the hair is soft and thin and subsequent hair removal will hurt less and less.


How long does brazilian hair removal take?

The first visit is always a little bit longer, about 20-40 minutes (depending on the density and strength of hair). The following depilation procedures will be shorter, they should take about 15-30 minutes. We recommend a 4 week interval between depilation procedures.


Do you like Brazilian depilation and do you want something new?

Try vajazzling and decorate your intimate parts!


How do you choose a beauty salon properly?

Do you want to try Brazilian waxing? You can forget "Slevomat" and other "mega advertisements"!

If you want quality service, you have to choose carefully, not all are experienced professionals. The recommendations from girlfriends is ideal, because it is almost always a guarantee of quality. If you want to select a beauty salon yourself, definitely do not do it rashly. Please look at their website, the history of the company will tell you more. ONLY THEN … visit the salon and consider ordering the procedure. If you are met by an unwilling receptionist, or nobody , and the environment of the salon is not immediately pleasant, walk away quickly!


Do you like brazilian depilation?

Do you feel at home in your beauty salon? Do not delay and order your depilation procedure immediately!